The third largest lottery win of $27 million was won by a Tauranga man who bought the ticket on the spur-of-the moment. Initially the man went to get a haircut at AJ’s Lotto where there is a hairdresser at the back. Luckily for him the hairdresser was closed so he decided to use the haircut money to purchase a Big Wednesday ticket instead.

At first the man who is in his twenties thought his lottery ticket was a losing one after checking it on his phone. He put the ticket aside and after hearing reports in the local media of an unclaimed winning ticket on Tauranga he decided to check his ticket again. He went further on to say,” Once I realized I was a winner, I felt sick, and I pretty much had a sleepless night last night. I kept staring at the ticket and wondering if it was real”.

The lucky winner plans on helping his family out, building a new house and purchasing a new car. The latest $27 million lottery winner is even environmentally aware and he plans on fulfilling his lifetime wish of building an eco-friendly home, “I am a bit of a greenie, so I am really keen on sustainable living. It has been my dream to build my own eco-friendly house and live off the grid. That dream is now possible.”

Millions of people all over the globe purchase lottery tickets and dreams truly do come true for many. The old saying “if you aren’t in it you can’t win” is not just a clich? as this and many other stories prove.