The New York Lottery has just made another luck winner a millionaire. The 24-year old car salesman from Syracuse NY, Ian Hennessey became the latest winner when he purchased the Cashword Lottery scratchcard game.

The Cashword Lottery Scratchgame rewards you according to how many words you scratch off and reveal. If you succeed in scratching 10 or more words on this scratch ticket than you win up to $1,000,000.

Hennessey initially thought that he’d only won $5000 as he made a mistake when counting the number of words he had. Hennessey bought his winning scratch cardticket with his father at Frank’s West End Market in Gloversville.

Lottery officials confirmed that Hennessy was the latest lottery millionaire and presented him with a check for $1,000,000.Hennessey describes himself as “a pretty simple guy” and has no immediate plans what to do with the money. The 24-year old recently graduated from LeMoyne College and purchased a house with his girlfriend. He did say he will use some of the cash to pay back student loans and the house.

Hennessy made sure to redeem his prize at the lottery offices in his hometown of Gloversville. He was even quoted as saying,” when something big like this happens, you always go home. At least I do.”

It is stories like Hennessy’s that keep people all over the world coming back to purchase scratchcard and lottery tickets. The scratchcard game is a global standard for millions to get their hands on dream jackpots. Many lotteries utilize scratch cards as an integral part of their gaming offerings. Wherever you go in the world today, there is not a place where you will not come across some variation of a scratch ticket at outlets and kiosks. The availability and the fact that they are cheap and easy to play continue to make them a preferred choice for many wanting to test their luck.