Scratchcards are widely used in lotteries all over the world as they are highly popular with players who enjoy the thrill of scratching away and possibly revealing the jackpot of a lifetime. One of these games is that of the $100,000,000 Spectacular scratch ticket offered by the New Jersey Lottery.

Over 75% of gross receipts of the $100,000,000 Spectacular scratch ticket game are allocated to prizes with an average of 1 in 4 being a winning ticket.

The latest winner of this dream lotto scratchcard jackpot is a 32 year-old Nicholas Wodzenski who won the $3 million top prize on July 14.

Wodzenski was well known to the store owner Usha Patel as he had been a regular customer at the Cards & Things in Holbrook since he was a youngster.

As soon as Wodzenski realized he had won he came back in the shop screaming “I won,I won”. Patel was delighted for Wodzenski who she described as a great kid who grew up into nice family man.

The Jackpot prize of $3 million will be spread out to over the next 20 years which will mean that Wodzenski will receive a whopping $99,000 after taxes according to the New York State Lottery.

Wodzenski posted a message on Facebook,” We r still in shock I thought my hubby was joking when he said that he won. He’s that type that always jokes around. This time is wasn’t a joke lol,”