There is nothing like the striking game of football. With billions of fans in the global village football is truly the sport of the masses. For this reason what could be better than enjoying an online football getaway that can reward you with up to £1,000,000?

Well “Football Mania” is one of the many high-stakes online scratch cards available at William Hill Casino. This football extravaganza is highly entertaining and gives everyone a sporting chance to score big. The aim of Football Mania scratch card is simple as in order to win just match the Prize Symbol to any of the 6 Symbols on the table to win.

Rating: ★★★★★
Maximum Jackpot : £1,000,000
Minimum Bet : £0.10
Maximum Bet : £100
Scratchcard Site : William Hill Casino
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As we said bets are open to all and you can start from as low as £0.10 and go as high as £100. The maximum jackpot prize is a staggering £1,000,000 which could mean the score of a lifetime. The graphics are excellent and take place in a football stadium. All the scratch icons are football related and include football boots, team shirts and goalkeepers gloves. What I really enjoyed is the 3D graphics in some of the Prize symbols.

The combination of sports and scratch cards is a winning formula as it lets us enjoy both of our favorite amusements simultaneously. Football Mania keeps it simple to play yet offers high-stake gamblers the chance to play for £1,000,000 in a single scratch of a card.