Bringing home the bacon took on a new meaning for a butcher from Loddiswell in South Devon. Tristan Lilburn,28  has just become the latest Lottery scratch card winner when he won over £80,000 from a £2 ticket. Lilburn like many used some change while buying euros for an upcoming holiday to try his luck on the bejeweled scratch card. He could not believe his luck when he realized that he had matched 3 symbols to become one of the latest scratchcard winners.

A stunned Lilburn was quoted as saying, “I looked at it several times, but I still couldn’t quite believe it was real. This will certainly set me up for life. It will give me a good start whatever I do. The first thing will be to buy a car and take driving lessons because I don’t drive at the moment, and after that maybe I’ll put the rest towards property.”

Lilburn who works at Aune Valley Meat intends to go on holiday to Portugal with his girlfriend. He was already planning his holiday by saving up .With his new found fortune he no worries to save up. Lilburn bought the lucky scratch card at the post office in Modbury on September 13.

Scratchcards are a proven crowd favorite as they are always available when doing our shopping and are often a great way to use our change towards giving us a real chance to win instant cash jackpots. The same goes for the online version of the game because it offers a cheap form of great prizes to be won.  The international format of the game is enjoyed worldwide and it’s no wonder scratchies are so widespread in our tiny global village.

UK National Lottery scratch cards winners seem to be popping up almost every month in the news cementing the fact that it’s a great odds type of gambling and popular across all sectors of the population with it being so readily available and affordable.