Online US Gambling coming soonWe reported over a year ago on the historic legislation signed by Gov. Jack Markell which paved the way for online gambling in Delaware and now this is all in touching distance.

Real money online gambling is just around the corner for the U.S. state of Delaware with the expected launch towards the end of October. Until then all of Delaware’s three casinos have launched the first phase aimed at giving real money online players a look and feel for the games that will be on offer. As of today free slots, poker, roulette and blackjack will available for online players to test trial. The free-to-play casino games are all part of the Double Down Casino platform and will be available via a link from the three casinos.

Delaware is on track to be the first US state to offer a full complement of real money online gambling options. While currently only Delaware residents will be allowed to play for real money, Secretary of Finance Tom Cook is hoping that an interstate compact with Nevada next year will allow online poker players from both states to sit and play at virtual tables. This method of offering players the chance to see what they will be playing for with real cash is a carefully executed strategy by the casinos.

The thinking is that once players feel comfortable enough around their chosen poker, slots or blackjack game they are more than likely to want to play for real cash.