For many people the worldwide over, playing and enjoying scratch cards is a part f their daily humdrum. Just like many people buy gum when they are at the checkout at their local store, many take advantage of the accessible and inexpensive scratchies to try their luck at winning life changing jackpots .

Whether you prefer the traditional scratch tickets you purchase at the store or the online versions, they are considered by many at the ideal gateway into softer and cost-effective gambling.

An example of just one of these many people who enjoy their daily fix of scratchies comes out of Illinois, U.S.A.

Cleodoa Miers,55 had a habit of regularly purchasing scratch-off lottery games and recently purchased a $10 instant “Cash Spectacular” game card which won him a $1,000,000 jackpot prize.

Miers like many players comes from a working class background and makes his living selling scrap metal. For Miers and many like him, scratch cards are one of the few gambling formats that are affordable in these perplexing economic times that are facing all of us.

This was not the first time that Miers won on a scratch ticket as two years ago he also won over $10,000 on a winning card. Miers bought the winning scratchcard ticket at Gardner Food Mart in Joliet where he went to collect his fruitful check.

Store owner Mohammad Eid was delighted with Miers’ win as his store also got a $10,000 commission. Eid said that Miers went crazy when he discovered what he had won on the scratch card lottery.

Miers initially was in disbelief with his winning ticket and re-checked the ticket in the validation machine. When Miers asked store owner Eid to confirm his win Eid was quoted as shouting out “Oh my God!” which confirmed this life changing moment for Miers.

The Cash Spectacular scratch card game was launched in September 2011 with over 25 $1 million winning scratch cards. There are still over 13 million dollar tickets just waiting for another person like Miers to claim.

Miers was even quoted as warning  any of his competitors out there, “There are 13 more out there, y’all better get them before I get to them!” This is just one of many stories of genuine winners of the ageless scratch card lottery game which continues to hold its own with the best of other wagering formats.