Outer Space

Outer Space Slots Game Review

Are you ready to be beamed up to another galaxy?  If you are then Outer Space is the online slots game for you. This slots game transports you to another galaxy filled with undiscovered planets, meteors, alien ships and even comets.

Rating: ★★★★★
Maximum Jackpot : £100,000
Minimum Bet : £0.10
Maximum Bet : £10
Slots Site : Karamba.com
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With this outer space experience you have the chance to win an impressive £100,000 grand jackpot!Playing to win amongst all this excitement is easy. There are 6 slots machines of which you can choose how many you wish to play .The minimum is one. You win prizes if you match 3 identical symbols on any of the slot machines.The icons of the slots include flying saucers, astronauts, aliens, satellites and meteorites.

From start of finish this online slots game provides great entertainment for all and with betting starting as low as £0.25 and with a maximum of £10, it is guaranteed winning opportunity.

Karamba.com is where you can play this fantastic slotsgame and the scratch card site is just too good to be true for a real online slots good time.