Imagine going to work every day and suddenly winning a lottery scratchcard jackpot that will pay you out cash for the rest of your life. Well for a lucky Cesar Altamirano from Miami, this is exactly what happened. Like a lot of skeptics out there, he did not have too much faith in buying the lottery ticket but luckily for the 34 year old maintenance worker from Nicaragua he decided to buy the “Lucky $1,000 a Week for Life” Florida Lottery scratch card ticket. He only spent $2 on his first scratch card at Corla Liquors and instantly won $10.

After winning he purchased another card and again he was amazed to win another $20. Feeling that this was his lucky day Altamirano bought his fourth scratch ticket which to his amazement was the ultimate prize of a weekly payout of $1000 per week for the rest of his life!

As a Nicaraguan emigrant to the United States, he did not even have enough money to buy coffee or drinks and according to friends worked hard as a maintenance worker at the liquor store. He would walk every day with his friend Manuel Cruz to their workplace where he would normally not buy a scratch ticket.

On this fateful day Cruz said that Altamirano was jumping on one foot when discovering that he had won the Lotto scratch jackpot.

He is to receive his jackpot earnings every three months where he will get a handsome check. In total he will receive $13,000 each year for as long as he lives.

Strangely enough he did not arrive at work but promised to be back soon. For Altamirano the classic and simple scratch card ticket was his first choice when deciding to try his luck. Scratch cards odds are well known for having a high payout ratio in comparison to other forms of gambling. It is no surprise that many like Cesar choose the scratchie as an affordable and easy to play game that has a proven track record of paying out jackpots on a regular basis.