The dramatic changes in the U.S. online gambling market have been underway from December last year. This is due to the Department of Justice’s new stance on the Wire Act of 1961 which in effect opens the way for legalized online gambling throughout the country.

Until now online scratch cardand lotto players were not allowed to play online within their own state. Many question the logic of denying scratchcards fans the freedom to enjoy what millions all over the world already do on a daily basis.

It seems that market realities have forced the politicians to realize that the likes of online lotto and scratch cards are a reality and the only way for all parties to benefit is to create a regulated and legal online scratch cards industry.

History was made on Sunday as Illinois officially became the first state to allow online lottery sales. Illinois residents will be able to purchase Lotto tickets and mega Millions in a part of a state pilot program that was approved by state legislature.

Many states have been looking for ways to legalize lottery and other forms of online gambling which are seen as a great savior to the recession hit economy. It is certain that Illinois is just the first of many states to make legal gambling a reality.

In cash strapped times the benefits of scratchcards and lotto taxation cannot be underestimated. Scratchies are a guaranteed revenue generator and could fund many state projects which have been hard hit by the recession. Taxation from scratchcards revenues is a preferable option to raising taxes particularly in an election year.

With the sale of online lottery tickets, Illinois State lottery official believe that there will be a dramatic increase in the sale of lotto tickets with prizes exceeding $100 million.

According to the lottery’s superintendent, Michael Jones,” It makes the lottery more accessible”. Research has also shown that many young and professional people are more likely to participate in the online version of lottery sales.

With mobile smartphones and tablet devices, the online scratch cards world has opened up to the younger generation who prefer to scratch and win with the touch of a button. Accessibility and ease of use are two essential factors which make mobile scratch cards an instant hit with millions.

The state of Illinois is expected to earn as much as $59 million in new revenues generated from online gambling sales.

In order to participate in the new online lotto sales, Illinois residents will have to be over the age of 18,provide their social Security number as wells as name and address. In addition all players will have to be Illinois residents and when playing you have to be physically within the state’s borders.

There are plans to also add the Powerball option to the online site but there needs to be legislature approval beforehand.

Many U.S. online gamblers have identified scratchcards and lotto as a welcoming gateway to the alluring world of online winning gambling entertainment. Scratch cards are so easy to play and understand it is no surprise that their popularity is on the rise.

Added to this is their entry level affordable starting bets. With Scratchies starting from as low as 10c, there is no stumbling block for entering the scratch cards world even in challenging economic times.