Scratchcards are for many people the closest they will get to life changing jackpots. The availability and ease of which one can purchase them whether at a kiosk or gas station makes them one of the most popular impulse buys for consumers.

Stories of people scratching and winning a life changing jackpot just add to the hype surrounding these shiny cash cards. For most of us we would be over the moon if we won even a small jackpot once in our lifetime.

For some however like nineteen year old Rosa Dominguez, lady luck is shining bright as she managed to win the lottery twice in one week.

The first lottery jackpot she won happened when she was driving back from Arizona. Dominguez said she was feeling lucky and decided to stop at a gas station to purchase a few scratchcards. When she scratched off a $5 Power 5’s ticket she could not believe her luck as she had won the top prize of $555,555. She said she was so nervous she just wanted to cry.

If that was not enough, Dominguez stopped at another as station a few days later in Monterey County California where she decided to try her luck again. There she purchased a $5 Lucky Fortune Scratcher where she unbelievably managed to win another $100,000 jackpot. She said that with the latest win she wanted to purchase a new car and go shopping.