Online Scratch Cards and casino gambling is set to reach the largest social network in the world, Facebook. Rumors have been flying around that Facebook itself and its Gaming developers have been looking for ways to introduce the likes of “scratch cards” to their already committed loyal members.

Social gambling is already popular with millions of Facebook users in virtual mode. The Scratchcard market is widely considered a great way to introduce real money gambling as it is considered a softer and much more socially accepted form of gambling.

A recent report in Forbes magazine managed to shed some light on widespread speculation regarding the intentions of social gaming developers like Zynga with regard to their plans on internet gambling. Chief Operations Officer  of Zynga, John Schappert recently has come out with very interesting things to say with analysts in  a conference call after posting its first quarterly earnings as a public company.

Schappert was quoted as saying online gambling is “very interesting” to Zynga.

This simple statement goes further to confirm rumors that Zynga is eying the online gambling market as a real possible market for them.

As we have been reporting the new stance of the U.S. Justice Department on the Wire Act of 1961 in effect opens up the possibility of legalizing internet gambling.

Until recently U.S. Online Scratch Cards enthusiasts had no hope of being able to scratch can win from their own country. It now seems that the U.S. scratchcard market is set to open up and become an active and essential part of the global scratch card community.

Zynga is one of the main social games developers for the biggest social network in the world Facebook. They recently launched Zynga Poker and other casino based games. Speculation has been rife that Zynga is placing itself to use their traditional virtual money games on Facebook as the future basis for real money games that they are planning to release if and when the legal position of intent gambling in the U.S. is clarified.

The legalization of online scratchcards has lots of states scrambling to pass legislation as they are well aware of the lucrative potential of the scratch card market. Taxation form online scratchcards would go a long way in boosting many social projects like health and education.

With it being election year in the U.S. the legalization of online scratchies tickets would provide politicians alternatives to raising taxes.

Zynga has already confirmed to ALLThingsD that it is in the process of searching for possible online gambling partners. Schappert emphasized the strong position that Zynga is currently in, “I think it’s actually a very interesting opportunity, because we’re in an unique position. We have the world’s largest online poker game and the most social online poker game we’ve been running for four years. We had record results last quarter. And it’s one of the top six games on Facebook. So I think we’re in a very good position and it’s a category that’s interesting to us.”

The process of legalizing scratch cards is ideally suited for the likes of Facebook as the classic scratchcard tickets enjoy universal recognition and millions of worldwide scratchies fanatics. The ability to change from virtual gaming mode to real money mode seems a natural transition.

It seems very likely that many states in the U.S. will succeed in passing legislation to legalize online gambling in one way or another.

CEO of Zynga Mark Pincus was quick to remind people that Zynga has managed to create over 15 million mobile daily active users which is an increase of over five-fold from a year ago.

Mobile gambling is set to boost scratchcard gaming in a big way and has been identified as the future of Online Scratch Cards. Already “Mobile Scratch Cards”are making a significant impact on the industry as a whole.

The fact that all your Scratch Games are available directly on your mobile smartphone or tablet devices means that there are no limits to the simple scratchcard reaching anywhere in the world.

Zynga’s revenue has also doubled in the last year with their international market growing as a result of their games being developed in over 17 languages.

There are few online gambling formats which enjoy the high market recognition as scratchcards do, which make the Online Scratch Cards a winning proposition for all.