Scratchcards seem to be recession proof as they remain prevalent amongst many of us despite difficult economic times. For a lot of people laying out loads of cash in expensive casinos is not an option in the present economic environment.

This is where the classic scratch card comes into its own. For many the convenience of buying a simple lottery scratch off ticket when we pop down to our local store makes them the most accessible form of gambling. Their low cost and user-friendly format makes them the choice for many.

For a Michael Mendyk of Minnesota City, Minn, this is exactly what he did. Like others he bought a $5 Walleye Winnings scratchie at the store. Using his lucky silver envelope opener as the lucky scratcher for his scratch ticket, Mike slowly revealed his winning scratch card numbers of 29,30,9 and 19.

Mendyk had a habit of not revealing the prize amount as he enjoyed going back to the store to be surprised at the that mount. He decided to go to his local Kwik store to scan the scratch ticket. To his surprise it said “redeem at the lottery center”. Mendyk was pleasantly surprised as this meant that he had won more than $599.

Mike’s wife urged him to scratch off the prize amount and to their amazement it was no less than $100,000. Unable to contain their excitement they placed the scratch card in the freezer in case there was a fire in their house. They deposited it in the bank the next day until they went last week to claim their prize.

The lucky scratch card win could not have come at a better time for Mike as he lost his job last year. The couple plan on investing most of their money but also plan on using it for their September wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii.

Mike still carries a copy of his winning scratch card ticket in his pocket to remind him of how his luck changes with a single scratch.

He was quoted as saying, ”I always have this handy. It doesn’t seem real.”