There is an interesting report from Sweden which involves a lotto scratch card and a family feud. A mother and daughter from Sweden recently became estranged over a winning lotto scratch card ticketworth over $445,428.

For most people such a scratchcard jackpot win would be just what the doctor ordered. It is not uncommon for many to become instant millionaires on scratchcards.

However the mother and daughter were in court this week in order to determine who the jackpot really belongs to.

The saga of the scratch card ticket started in 2011 when the infamous Triss lottery scratch card was bought. The problem started when the two could not agree who actually purchased the original ticket.

At first the mother and daughter won the chance to either claim 500,000 Kronor upfront or appear on a television show where they had a chance to win a bigger prize.

It is here where the mother requested that the daughter appear on the show as she was camera shy. Upon arriving at the television studio, the daughter and mother team promptly won over 3 million kroner which would be paid out in the next 25 years.

This is when the problems started as the daughter claimed that it was her appearance on television with her name on the ticket and therefore all the cash should be hers.

The seemingly “lucky” lotto scratch card saga reached the district court in Blekinge on Monday where the lawyers encouraged the two to reconcile and solve the matter.

The good news is that the mother and daughter agreed to reconcile and have instructed their lawyers to devise an equitable way to divide up the lucky lotto scratchcard jackpot prize.

The daughter was quoted in a local newspaper as saying,” It’s nice to know this sad story is over.”

This story is a great example of how scratch cards are used as a universal gambling format that is loved and respected worldwide. The fact that a scratch card can be used to promote other forms of gambling like lotto and casino games is just proof of their versatility and staying power. Like the happy ending in this family feud, all scratch card experiences are guaranteed to keep you smiling right to the end.