Every time we play our online scratch cards we are always hopeful of a big cash prize. For some people the thought of winning in the usual manner is way too tedious.

For most of us the odds of winning on our online scratch cards are excellent as most scratchcards have a payout ratio of 1 in 3 winning scratch tickets.

A Ladbrokes betting shop was recently robbed by Ashley Hutton after he passed a note to a distraught teller saying ”10-1 on you living”.

The devious robber then continued with lifting his t-shirt which to the horror of the teller revealed what looked to be a suicide bomb with wires and duct table stuck to his chest.

The brazen robber only got away with £220 and had the gall of thanking the shop assistant Gary Cooper for his “winnings”.

The beauty of online scratch cards is the fact that you can scratch away from the comfort and security of your own home. The need to physically pop out to the cornet outlet is no longer necessary.

With the popularity of smartphones, mobile scratch card apps are another ideal way to take control of when and where you decide to scratch and win.

A Glasgow court jailed Hutton for 5 years after He admitted theft, robbery and assault charges.

This a not the first time that Hutton has been in trouble as only days before the robbery in December 03 last year he attacked a senior citizen Alan Flood after he refused to hand over his cash. Mr. Flood had a fractured pelvis as well as puncture wounds which were as a result of the syringe Hutton used in the attack.

Hutton did not stop there as he stole a Charity bucket at a Bank of Scotland branch and only days after that he robbed the Ladbrokes bookmakers.

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