With all the online gambling options available out here, many ask the question what is so unique about the simple scratchcard that should make me choose it over other casino games?

The answer lies partly in the question. The fact that scratchcards have a simple format is what makes them appealing to many. Many people do not know how to play the more complicated online casino games like poker and do not have the time or inclination to start learning.

Scratchcards have a simple format which has global recognition and is much the same all over. There is no corner of the globe where some sort of “scratch card” is available. We all are familiar with the age old scratch cards that we used to have to go down to our corner store to buy.

The fact that you do not need to exert to much mental effort to say the least when starting to play your chosen scratchcard is yet another major draw factor for this global pastime.

Although being considered an uncomplicated and user friendly format, the latest scratch cards site operators are have developed games with themes to suit any tastes. Although the basic format still remains the same there are many additional facets added to make online  scratch cards games appealing and alluring to all.

For example there are many scratch cards that incorporate casino like based games within their format. Games like Scratch n Roll and Lucky 21 are just such examples. Although they are essentially a scratchcard game one gets the feeling of being in a casino when playing them.

There are many online scratch cards that incorporate many favorite pastimes such as travel, food and sport just to mention a few.

For those who love to travel the globe there are scratchcards like Postcard that allow you to see the world’s major hotspots like Rome, Barcelona and Egypt .

Scratchgames like Mega Love are designed for the romantics out there and is the ideal getaway for romantic couples while simultaneously letting you win instant cash jackpots.

Sports based scratchies are particularly popular as they combine to passions in one classic game. Examples of these are Road Racing which puts you behind the wheel while showcasing all time classic cars.

World Champions is soccer based scratchgame that is based on the most popular tournament in the world which is the Football World Cup. Here you get to choose your favorite World Cup team while winning up to £100,000 in instant jackpots.

For all you food junkies, there are scratch cards like Alfredo and Pizzeria which cook up a storm in the kitchen. These cuisine based games take you on a culinary journey while providing you big bucks on the way.

Affordability is a major factor in choosing which form of online gamble you choose to play. The online scratch card market offers “scratch cards” starting at an affordable 10p which is suitable for any pocket.

In these difficult economic times it is comforting to know that we do not have to give up on giving ourselves a chance to win life changing jackpots as betting is affordable to all. There are not too many gambling formats that let you start playing for such low costs.

All of us like to try out something before we lay out cash. All major scratch cards sites offer you the chance to play all their scratchgames  free without having to lay out any real money until you feel comfortable enough.

Another draw card  is the free No Deposit Bonus offers that are given to new online players .Who could ask for more than free real money to start you way onto winning massive jackpots?

With all these features and bonuses, it is no surprise that many millions around the world choose scratch cards as their preferred gambling option. With their versatility and variety it is no surprise that the renowned scratch card continues to be an ever growing and popular part of the online gambling industry.

So next time you ask yourself why such a simple format has such a loyal fan base, you will understand the many devotees better.