Lotteries remain one of the most popular ways to enjoy a harmless flutter. The UK lottery was launched in 1994 and has since made over 3000 instant millionaires.  To celebrate this milestone a new study was released by forecasting consultancy Oxford Economics to mark the occasion.

The study came up with some interesting facts that a lot of us would find surprising. All of us have asked ourselves what we would do should we win the lottery. So many say that it will be the last day at work for me if we win but according to this study only 59% of National Lottery millionaires actually stopped working after their win. Over 19% carried on working and 31% gave up their time to do voluntary work.

The impact on lottery millionaires is widespread. The study shows that besides the winners themselves who have become millionaires, they also made an additional 3,780 millionaires which included children, family and even friends.

The cash spending does not stop there as over 17,190 cars and caravans were purchased. In the field of real estate over 7,958 houses were also purchased.

Employment opportunities were created by the winners themselves who went on to start over 900 UK businesses who employ over 3,195 people.

The money won by lottery winners tends to be regenerated into the UK economy where over £750 million was spent directly and over £500 million was generate by tax revenues.

Co-anaylst and author of this Oxford Economics report, Andy Logan summed up the impact of UK lottery winners, “ The effect of a win spreads much further and wider than we anticipated. Not only does it transform the lives of friends and family, but each win has a measurable effect on the UK economy, especially with so much of it being spent in the UK. The use of each win creates a ripple effect across this generation and very often the next.”

The UK Lottery is made up of many different games both online and regular playing options. Scratchcards feature prominently in the National Lottery offerings. As we have reported one of their most popular lottery scratch cards is that of their £4 Million Blue scratchie. This high-end scratch ticket has a prize of £4 million and there are no less than four top prizes of this amount available. This unique card has 5 games packed into one supercharged lottery scratch ticket and it only costs £10 to give yourself the chance of a lifetime.

What is fascinating about this study of 3000 lottery winners since 1994 is the unbelievable impact of winning on the overall economy and most importantly those loved ones close to us. The facts speak for themselves in proving that lotto winnings do indeed provide us the chance to change our own and that of our family’s destiny in a single scratch of a card or ticket.

It is no surprise that lottery remains one of the biggest sectors in the gambling industry. No one can beat affordable and instantly available gaming options. With the advent of online lottery services the UK national Lottery and all major lotteries around the globe are available at the click of a button. It has never been so easy to play the MegaMillions or Powerball from the U.S. or EuroMillions and join the growing millionaire’s club.