It is amazing how many scratch cards are able to combine origins of fantasy which is what we all remember from our childhood days. When gambling online we all look first of all to the potential prizes on offer. We all want the chance to win life changing jackpots like the £1,000,000 on offer from scratchies like Super 3WOW.

What is equally important is the chance of being taken away from our daily hectic lives into a fantasy world where we get the chance to relax and escape to unknown destinations.

The scratchcard format is unique in that it is without a doubt the most flexible form of online gambling on the market. The element of fantasy and challenging our imagination is clear in many scratch games.

Golden Island is an online scratch card game that takes you to a Robinson Crusoe like Paradise Island where you get to discover golden treasures and massive jackpots. As soon as you enter this tropical paradise you are offered a breathtaking view to the ocean and white sandy beaches. This game is a prime example of the highest quality graphics that succeed in providing a captivating and mesmerizing scratch card game.

To win up to £100,000 in this awesome scratchcard is easy as all you need to do it choose one of the 3 treasure chests. If the chest contains gold you are an instant winner.

Genie is yet another example of a fantasy online scratchcard that is based on Aladdin’s Genie. We all fondly remember the genie who grants our wishes and in this scratchies game you are transported into a magical secret cavern where no less than 3 genies await you.

When entering this dark and mystical world you quickly forget that you are playing a simple scratch card game because you feel more like being in a fairytale. The graphics and background to this game are eye popping and the mountains of gold and treasures that surround the genies make this a fantasy scratchcard game of note. In order to win on this scratch game all you need to do is to release the genies from the bottle. If any of the 3 genies have 3 precious stones you win the prize.

Once again this fantastic game enables you to win a jackpot prize of up to £100,000 which is certainly a life changing amount.

These two Scratchies are just a small example of how the modern version of a “scratchcard” can be utilized to provide an online fantasy gambling experience while on the other hand rewarding you with huge jackpot prizes.