At we have long been focusing on the mobile technology revolution that is sweeping the globe. As we have written in the past, the mobile smartphone and tablet devices have managed to change the way we approach online scratch cards.

In the past it was quite an effort to play scratch card tickets because we had to go to our local store to buy one in order to win. With the advent of online and now mobile scratch cards the ability to win is literally in the palm of your hand and with the touch of a button. The two main players in the global smartphone and tablet device market are Apple and Android. It is fascinating to follow this ding don battle for supremacy and global domination of this most lucrative market.

In a recent study by Kantar WorldPanel it seems Android has managed to improve its market share in seven major nations globally in the period 12 week period up till mid April that include Australia, United States, U.K ,France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

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In countries like Spain the market gain was particularly impressive with a 72% rise in its market share which represent no less than double the previous quarter. Germany was another major success for Android where their market share also reached 62%. According to the study one of the main reasons for these impressive market share growths is the fact that HTC and Samsung have introduced new smartphones to the market.

The study also pointed out the positive signs for Nokia’s Windows based Lumia handsets who managed to double their market share to 6% in Germany and 3-4% in the U.K, U.S, France and Italy.

These interesting figures confirm earlier reports from NPD who showed that Android’s market share jumped a massive 61% in the U.S. last quarter which was a big increase from the 49% of the holiday season quarter. features a scratch cards, slots and Mobile casino games reviews section on our website. We provide with some insights as to some of the best mobile scratch card and slots games on the market. We realize the need to cater for all the mobile casino players and intend adding many more mobile game reviews in the future.

So whether you are an Android, iOS or Windows-based phone user, just sit back and enjoy online casino action at the tips of your fingers.