History has been made in the United States as Bally Technologies has become the first company to receive an online gaming license in the United States. This day will go down in the books as the day when online gambling like winning scratch cards officially became legalized from the state of Nevada.

Throughout the last six months there have been daily developments in the online gambling debate which we have covered. It has long since been clear that gaming like online scratch cards and poker were set to become a reality for U.S. players. As many experts believed, it is impossible to halt progress and the absurdity of scratchcard players in the U.S. not being able to scratch and win from their home country was not practical.

As we have been reporting extensively Nevada has been at the forefront of advancing online gambling legislation and it is no surprise that they are the first state to make history.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) granted Bally technologies an interactive gaming license today. Bally Technologies are industry leaders in video slot machines as well server-based systems for the gaming industry. The proud CEO of Bally Technologies’ Richard Haddrill stated, “We are grateful to the State of Nevada for this opportunity. We look forward to Bally expanding its leadership role in this exciting new arena of online gaming.”

This new license issued unanimously by the NGCB’s enables Bally Technologies the ability to offer the likes of online poker as well as to provide business-to-business iGaming solutions. Their iGaming platform is ready to handle mobile integration as well as any other online gambling.

Bally Technologies iGaming platform is sure to soon power mobile scratch cards as a popular choice for millions. Both scratchies and poker are ideally suited for smartphone and tablet devices. With their new license it is certain that social gambling like online scratchcards will be one of the many gambling options to be offered because the scratch card enjoys global familiarity and is ideal for the online gambler looking for an affordable way to earn big amounts of cash.

Bally Technologies has a long and proud history dating back to 1932 and specializes in advanced gaming systems and devices which provide technological solutions to gaming companies worldwide.

They intend to offer their iGaming platform technology to casino operators and it is designed to power all online gambling including poke, bingo, sports betting, social gaming, video slots and bingo.

For all online gambling players, this day is truly a revolution in the internet gambling market. Whether it is online scratch cards, poker, slots or bingo we are set to enjoy an unprecedented era of online gaming expansion. While Nevada is the first state to provide online scratch game players the opportunity to scratch all their favorite tickets from within their borders, there is no doubt that the floodgates have opened and we will see many other U.S. states following suite.