In the UK, Online Scratch cards are a part of our daily lives but across the Atlantic “scratch cards” are still in the process of gaining widespread backing. The European and UK scratchgames market has been flourishing and the government has had lots of well desirable Tax revenue from the scratch cards industry.

U.S. gambling supporters are fed up with their local politicians not getting in touch with the reality of online gambling. Support for online scratch cards to be legalized in the U.S. is growing every day.

All sound thinking people realize that scratchcards are here to stay and every day that goes by without them being legal in one state means that scratch game players will move their millions to states which are scratchcard friendly.

The issue of online gambling legalization in Kentucky is forging ahead with an unprecedented support from all sectors of society. On Thursday a group of education groups, labor and business are pushing lawmakers to approve a constitutional amendment that would ultimately legalize casino in Kentucky.

President of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, David Adkisson stated,” We have a very simple goal — let the people decide how to handle this issue of casino gaming. Year after year, our members overwhelmingly support expanded gaming and the citizens’ right to vote. We believe it is time to finally put the issue on the ballot.”

The right to play your chosen scratch cards is a rudimentary one and the fact that some states are still debating the issue of allowing their scratch cards constituents from practicing their basic right to choose is unconstitutional.

Kentucky is part of the Bible-belt state and despite being renowned for horse races, lawmakers are afraid to upset any of their conservative constituents as to avoid any complications in the upcoming legislative elections.

The scratch cards format has the ability to attract social gambling and not be considered heavy gambling. It is hard to see how playing a Scratchie for 10c could be considered gambling.

Scratch cards can easily be considered a pleasant form of entertainment which has the ability to reward you with great instant cash prizes. The sheer variety of different themed scratch cards is testament to their diversity. Romantic scratch cards like Prince Charming and Musical scratchcards like Elvis Forever corroborate this.

A long time gambling supporter, Gov. Steve Beshear has been trying for over five years to advance gambling proposals but has not had too much success with lawmakers.Gov. Beshear believes what many have said before that at the moment hundreds of millions of dollars from Kentuckians are going to gambling in neighboring states. He argues that these millions could stay in Kentucky should gambling be legalized.

Gov. Beshear is well aware of the benefits of taxation from the likes of Online Scratchcards which would relieve pressure on him to raise taxes in order to generate revenues.

Opponents to gambling legalization such as Republican Larry Forgy blasted the stance of the Chamber of Commerce for advocating legalizing online gambling. Forgy believes that this is a religious and moral issue.” I contend that there’s a front seat in hell for the leadership of an organization that will propose a program that will impose gambling losses on a population that can’t afford to buy a ham sandwich for lunch,” Forgy said. “This is unconscionable.”

Forgy is adamant that the legalization of gambling will not solve the state’s problems. He went on to declare,” “I intend to walk barefooted from one end of this state to the other to defeat this constitutional amendment if they put it on there. But I don’t think they have the votes as it stands right now.”

Scratchcards are capable of solving many of the moral issues of traditional gambling. Scratch cards could attract traditional gamblers to try a softer and less expensive gambling format which would prevent gambling problems.

Gov. Beshear proposal includes the building of over six casinos which would be situated at the race tracks.

Larry Roberts, Kentucky State Building & Construction Trades Council director believes that the gambling proposals have widespread support. “Those of us here today represent every corner of our state, all political parties, we are moderates and conservatives, business and labor unions, teachers and private citizens – and, though we may disagree on many other issues, and are not shy about expressing those disagreements, on this issue we agree 100 percent.”

It is worth noting that the coalition for gambling legalization is unprecedented in its range of supporters which include many large education groups such as the Kentucky Parent Teacher Association, Kentucky Association of School Councils and the Kentucky School Boards of Association.

These education groups believe that tax revenue from online gambling can help modernize existing schools and build new ones if invested wisely.

Scratchcards are a guaranteed revenue generator with which many social projects would benefit from. The legalization of the online scratch games marketplace is a winning solution for all parties.

Scratch cards players will be free to scratch and win while States will benefit from the lucrative Scratchgamesindustry.

The amalgamation of the US, European and UK Scratch cards commerce has well and been truly been delayed to for too long and we look forward to welcoming the coalition of all these countries to the Global online gambling market.