While we report mainly on scratch cards it is important to focus on what is happening in other forms of gambling around the world. Currently the U.S. market is the most interesting as online poker and scratch card players are waiting to see if this is the year when internet gambling will be legalized and open to all.

As we have reported extensively, the U.S. gambling market is opening up due to the change of the Justice Department’s bearing on the Wire Act of 1961.One of the leaders in the race to legalize gambling is the state of New Jersey.

In a recent poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind it was found that over 58% of state residents voiced their opposition to legalized online gambling while 31% supported it. It is widely thought that many people are weary of heavier types of gambling. It is here where scratchcards have a distinct advantage in that they do not bring with them the traditional problems associated with heavier forms of gambling like poker. The interesting difference was that of sports betting which enjoyed support by voters by the same margin.

It seems clear that any gambling formats like sports betting or scratchies that involves a social element are much more likely to enjoy support. The ideal combination of social and lighter gambling like online scratchcards seems to be the preferred way to go for many. Currently both online gambling and sports betting await the approval of New Jersey legislators with the aim of giving a much needed boost to Atlantic City’s struggling casinos.

Support for the sports betting bill has been given by Gov. Chris Christie who has signed a law legalizing sports betting if and when the federal ban is lifted.Gov. Christie still does not support an internet gambling bill as he believes there have not been enough changes that arrant his support of the bill.

Should the Internet gambling bill get the necessary State and Assembly voted this could mean that Atlantic City casino’s would be in a position to accept bets from  players from other states and even international players. Once again this is all contingent on the federal ban been lifted.

Supporters of the legalization bills point out that taxes from sports betting and internet gambling are an excellent way to bolster state funds and keep revenues within the state instead of losing them to offshore operators and organized crime.

One cannot under estimate the positive effect of tax revenues from the sources like scratch cards. It is election year in the U.S. and taxation from gambling is the ideal alternative to raising taxes.

The real challenge according to experts will be the need to overturn the federal ban on sports betting in all but four states. It remains to be seen if New Jersey will sue in a federal court to try and overturn the ban.

All of us who believe in the basic right to enjoy scratch cards or poker hope to see a level playing field for all in the near future. It makes no sense to halt progress and we hope to welcome the U.S. market to the global scratchcard community.