For most of the chance to enjoy a £100,000 scratch card jackpot would be more than enough to achieve many of our dreams. Well for one John Anderson from Dundee, this was not the case. Anderson purchased a winning lottery scratch card ticket on June 16 2012 in his local Dundee Shop.

This ungrateful ex-convict managed to not only squander this lucky scratch jackpot but had the gall not to inform the authorities of his win. Before his lucky win Anderson was receiving government benefits but after his £100,000 win he failed to inform the authorities of his new found pot of cash and continued claiming benefits.

He managed to claim benefits amounting to over £6000 in council tax benefits and income support. Anderson is now facing charges and pleaded guilty of two charges which include failing to notify the Department of Work and Pensions of capital he had deposited into his bank account.

According to Anderson’s defense lawyer George Donnelly, he had been reliant on handouts from charities after managing to squander his entire lottery scratch card win.

Anderson was sentenced to six months in jail. The sorry case of the ungrateful lotto winner was summed up well by Sheriff Tom Hughes, “I have read the report and share Mr Donnelly’s views – this is an unfortunate case.”

All of us responsible scratchcard patrons would welcome such a life changing jackpot win. It is always amazing to see how there are irresponsible gamblers who do not know how to manage their new found fortunes. At we always encourage responsible gambling which ensures a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable online experience for all.