It seems that feathers have been ruffled since Ultimate Gaming’s launch of Ultimate Poker.  The bragging rights for the first real money online poker site have already gone to the Fertitta Brothers Ultimate Gaming. However their competitors have wasted no time in joining the party.

With the World Series of Poker annual conference underway in Las Vegas, there were some interesting comments thrown around by brand owner Caesars. Most importantly was their declared intention to offer players residing in Las Vegas the chance to play real money online poker in the coming months. While specific dates were not mentioned WSOP executive Seth Palnasky said that it should be underway before the main tournament event launch on July 6th.

Palansky also could not contain his “delight” at the glitches suffered by Ultimate Poker which includes an embarrassing snapshot on their site which included two identical playing cards. Even more stinging were his remarks that the market was ready for a “first-class product” which is anything but a subtle hint to Ultimate Gaming who he believes rushed out to launch a flawed product.

There is no doubt that the gloves are off in the real money online poker market and things are bound to heat up before cooling down. With billions of dollars at stake the online poker player is set to benefit from improved real money sites that need to be top-notch to survive in an ever competitive industry.