Scratch cards have never in any period of time been so popular as they are today. A major factor contributing to this growing popularity is the fact that they offer an affordable and viable option for online gamblers in tough economic times.

All scratch card sites give you the option of a free no-deposit bonus which allows you to play the online scratchcards without laying out cash until you feel comfortable to do so and gives you Free Real cash to wager with.

The Gambling Commission recently released a report stating that at least 57% of British Adults admit to recently participating in some sort of gambling which is a record high number.

ICM conducted the research over a twelve month period and concluded that over 57.3 percent of the 4,000 adults had in some way gamble in the last four weeks. This represents a 3.3% increase on the previous year and over 2.1% higher than 2009.

National Lottery Game Tickets accounted for over 47.5% making them the most popular form of gambling. In second place was National Lottery scratch cards that made up 12.7%.

Scratch Games are one of the most popular forms of gambling due to their simplicity and ease of play. Scratch cards online require no expertise or special skills in order to start playing the game from your couch or on your Mobile Device anywhere you go.

The games you find on scratchcard websites share and enjoy universal appeal as their format is well known and loved in all corners of the globe.

In third place were the social tickets for society causes at 9.6%. Horse-racing was fourth most popular gambling activity with 4.5% ahead of fruit or slot machines at 3.5%. Lastly bingo cards at bingo halls made up 3.1%another interesting factor was that males over the age of 45 were more involved in gambling activities.

The option to play Free scratch cardson any of the platforms you enter is an amazing feature offered on all the sites we reviewed. Scratch card sites offer you the practice play mode option which enables you to try out all the various scratch card games before you deposit any real money.

According to the Gambling Commission there was a noticeable increase of 12.45 in remote gambling in 2011 which is largely due to the National Lottery online option. This is an increase of 1.3% over 2009 and over 5.2% compared to 2006.

The Gambling Commission found that handheld devices or computers were the most popular method of accessing remote gambling over the year 2011 at 11%.Mobile phones made up 2.9% and interactive and digital televisions made up 1.3%.

The growth of smartphones in the mobile market has resulted in many mobile gambling apps which deliver online scratch cards to the palms of our hands. All major scratch ticket sites offer a mobile gambling app for all their scratch card games as standard issue.