The UK National Lottery has just released their highest paying £4 Million Scratchcard. In a clever marketing campaign, they built a giant replica of the scratch card which stood over 14 meters high and 7 meters wide in White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds.

This gigantic Scratch off Ticket was accompanied by Europe’s tallest man, Neil Fingleton who stands at a massive 7ft 7” tall.  The National Lottery is aiming at proving that bigger is better as their new £4 Million Scratchie is the highest paying scratch card ever launched.

In order to scratch this gigantic replica ticket a cherry picker had to be used in order to reach the card.

The idea behind this unique marketing tactic was summarized by a National Lottery spokesperson, “We wanted to do something really fun to mark the launch of the £4 Million Scratchcard, our biggest game yet, so we have created our biggest-ever replica card. And at 14 meters tall it is the size of a two-storey house and bigger than the current world-record holder for the biggest ever Scratchcard.”

This exclusive scratch card was quite a feat to create and involved complicated artwork from the original scratch off that had to be magnified by over 500% in over 14 sections in order to replicate the original scratch card.

The marketing company behind this was Communisis  and Europrint Promotions. MD of Communisis, Gurdev Singh commented on this one of a kind scratch card ticket, “This was certainly one of the more unusual briefs to receive, and the uniqueness of the project presented some suitably grand challenges. We’ve invested a lot in new production technology over the past few years, so it’s great to put it through its paces with fun projects for a great brand like The National Lottery.”

This unique £4 Million Blue Scratchcard has been in the news as it has the highest jackpot prize with over four top prizes of £4 Million Pounds each. Added to this is the fact that it only costs £10 to participate. Most importantly it has the highest National Lottery Scratchcard odds of winning with a 1 in 3.3 chance.