The online scratch cards and slots  machine revolution in the last few years has brought our favorite casino games to a level where you can choose whenever and wherever you want to play your scratchies and instantly win.

The ability to play to play online from the privacy and security from your home whenever and wherever we choose is a relatively new concept.

In years gone by in order to play your scratchcards you had to physically go to the corner store and buy  scratchies tickets  in order to put yourself in line to win instant jackpots.

The advent of online mobile casinos sites gives you instant access to million pound jackpots with the touch of a button. The following story from the Daily Mail brings home this point very clearly. One lucky online slots machine player from Scotland was recently woken up by the barking of a neighbor’s dog.  After he could not fall asleep he decided to try his luck with online gambling.

His chosen preference was a slots game where he decided to wager £1. After playing for a while he was up to £250 until he decided to move on to one of Betfred’s slots games called “Beach Life” which happened to have a massive jackpot on offer.

The most attractive feature of all these online games  is the chance to win huge jackpots without the need to spend fortunes. From as little as £1 on a scratch ticket or slots game and you could change your life.

This affordability and online access makes scratchcards and online slots the ideal form of 16 home entertainment. Instead of watching the telly you can bet on one of the many online games that entertain and relax you while giving you life changing opportunities to win real cash.

After only a few spins this lucky player hit the massive £5.1 million Jackpot Prize. This is the UK’S largest ever online slots jackpot and the world’s third largest.

The young Scot is reported to be in his 20’s and lives in Ayrshire in a modest flat. He found it difficult to express his joy and a friend close to him stated that he was obviously unable to sleep after the incredible jackpot winning.

Online scratch cards games like Champagne  are the ideal way to relax at the end of a hard day’s work while sipping away on cocktails and playing scratchies to win instant cash prizes.

The friend believes that he owes this life changing jackpot to the noisy dog who without him, the lucky punter would never have woken up. Apparently the latest jackpot millionaire has gone to relatives to calm own and is yet to decide if he wants to remain anonymous.

Betfred gave the new slots millionaire the royal treatment and flew him out by private jet to meet their founder Fred Done where he received his jackpot winnings.

Mr Done was thrilled for the young Scot and said,” As a bookmaker, I get a thrill out of turning someone into a multi-millionaire at the click of a mouse.”

So for all those skeptics out here, the Online Scratch Cards and Online Slots Machine gaming market is waiting to make more people and possible you the next Multi Million Pound jackpot winner.