The hottest topic in online gambling at the moment are the changes undergoing in the U.S. online gambling market in light of the DOJ’s new stance on the Wire Act which was a stumbling block to Internet Gambling. Well it is getting hard to keep up with all the developments as there are daily changes .It seems that online gamblers whether poker or scratchcard will soon be able to play online in the U.S. Today there was reaction from the AGA .

The AGA (American Gaming Association), a trade group that represents the casino industry in the U.S. has reacted to the Department Of Justice’s change of stance with regard to the Wire Act and how it will affect online gambling in the U.S.

The AGA believes that it is contingent upon Congress to implement wide reaching federal guidelines to regulate and tax the online gambling industry.

In a statement they said,” The Department of Justice’s interpretation regarding the scope of the federal Wire Act validates the urgent need for federal legislation to curb what will now be a proliferation of domestic and foreign unlicensed and unregulated gaming websites without consistent regulatory standards and safeguards against fraud, underage gambling and money laundering,”

AGA also believes that Federal Legislation can provide law enforcement the tools to shut down any illegal operators, protect us consumers as well as preventing children from gambling online.

Furthermore federal guidelines will help fight the problem of money laundering and fraud enabling a fair gambling experience for all parties concerned.

AGA summed up in saying,” These federally-mandated protections are vital no matter the interpretation of the Wire Act and they must be enacted in order to avoid a patchwork quilt of state and tribal rules and regulations that would prove confusing for customers and difficult for law enforcement to manage.”

Let’s hope that in 2012 cool and rational heads will prevail and that we will finally see a regulated and legal online scratchcard market and online poker rooms open to all.

We in the scratchcards global community look forward to welcoming U.S. online players and sharing the thrill of scratching and winning instant cash prizes.