Wherever you look these days there are tablets popping up all over the place. So many consumers are turning towards the portability and ease-of use that tablet devices offer for engaging in all their online activities.

The online gaming sector has been heavily influenced by the proliferation of these fantastic devices. In fact it has come to a point where many industry experts are predicting that the main growth is set to be in mobile casino gambling as more people are getting tired of their cumbersome laptops or PC’s.

An interesting survey from Pew Research Center came up with some important findings reading tablet use in the United States. According to their findings over 22% of U.S. adults now own a tablet device while a further 3% regularly choose to use their friend’s tablets.

A major factor contributing to this impressive growth is the availability of cheaper tablet devices that have popped up in the market. While Apple was the clear dominating force in Tablets, the market has changed dramatically with cheaper tablets like Amazon’s Kindle which have become a popular choice. Apple currently makes up about 50% of the market share but other players are catching up. According to Pew over 52% of tablet owners now own an iPad in contrast to the81% last year.

Pew’s survey was conducted with over 9,500 adult users and was commissioned before the release of Google’s Nexus and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. What is certain is that Android tablets are causing Apple to look over their shoulder as more people are looking for affordable tablet devices.

Few can deny the fact that portable and cheap devices like tablets are set to play a vital part in online industries like that of gambling as they make playing a portable pleasure.