While winning scratch cards jackpots are paid out on a daily basis, it is not every day that we get to hear about the power of of infants to choose a winning scratch card ticket.

A New York Woman has become the latest millionaire after buying a scratch-off lottery card. This in itself is not uncommon but the New Yorker attributes her decision to buy the lucky ticket to her 2 year-old daughter.

On Tuesday the lucky winner Afsheen Ahsan, 34 decided only to buy the winning scratch ticket at a convenience store after her daughter Anaya Hussain who is only 2 years old decided to touch the ticket. She won $1000000 on her scratchie which is a life changing amount of money for anyone.

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According to a report in the new York Daily Times, Ahsan was quoted as saying,” “If she didn’t touch it, I wouldn’t have taken it. She’s lucky,”

These days with the modern technology revolution, the classic scratch card we buy at our convenience store has been transformed into an online version which puts them against the best of other forms of traditional gambling.

Although considered simple, the modern day version of online scratch cards has managed to retain their easy to understand rules and yet are able to provide us scratchgames that suit all types of tastes and preferences.

Ahsan is a Pakistani immigrant and has already made plans how to spend some of her winnings with her boyfriend Sayed Hussain.

Amongst the many plans she has, she intends to start a business, go on vacation and buy a grocery store.

Whether you choose to buy your scratchies tickets at a local store or play online scratchcards there is always the chance to instantly win great cash prizes. Scratch cards are overall a great way to take a punt and get an instant cash win.