The world’s largest social network is going through some dramatic changes in the last few months. It all started with their highly disappointing IPO offering in May which was one of the biggest in recent history. There was much hype and expectation for Facebook to soar but the opposite has occurred. The share price has dropped from $38 at the IPO launch and is currently trading around the $22 mark.

This dramatic drop has got both Facebook and investors questioning the future of the once indomitable social giant. In an effort to return themselves to former glory days Facebook has started a number of steps which are seen as essential in order to ensure a sustainable future. The most talked about move was without a doubt last week’s announcement that they have partnered up with GameSys in order to start offering a real money gambling option in the form of Bingo Friendzy.

Although speculation was rife for over a year that they were in talks with various gambling interests, the official launch of real money “Facebook Casino” in the UK has got the entire gambling and social gaming worlds talking.

Many experts believe that Facebook need to embark on ventures like real money gambling in order to attract and sustain online consumers to their network. Until now Facebook‘s success has been from attracting social users but there is a need to start monetizing their website. A major problem for Facebook is their current inability to generate real money from its mobile apps.

At present mobile devices are becoming the default choice for many online users and Facebook will have to offer a stronger platform for which advertisers can use and promote on mobile devices. In addition there is a need on Facebook’s part to offer developers ways of monetizing their mobile apps.

Mobile is considered by many as the future for online social networks like Facebook and it is here where even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that he should have started Facebook with a mobile application and not a desktop application.

While these problems are serious Facebook has started the repair process. If they succeed through their App Center in enabling targeted adverts and other revenue generating options, it is a sure bet that they will continue to hold the title of the world’s largest social network with almost a billion users.

As an outsider their shrewdest move of late is no doubt that of their entrance into real money gambling. Even if they succeed in converting a fraction of their nearly one billion users to real money gambling, the future is bright for Mark Zuckerberg.