Ancient Egypt has always intrigued many as it holds hidden secrets. This was evident in the 1999 blockbuster ‘The Mummy” which introduced us to the fearsome Mummy. This unforgettable movie was a combination of Indiana ones and a Horror movie where an archaeological dig turns into nightmare as a Mummy is awakened.

The Mummy online scratchcard from William Hill captures all the movie magic in a single high-paying and action packed scratch game. In this online game you get no less than 2 different ways in which to win the £100,000 Grand Jackpot Prize.

Rating: ★★★★½
Maximum Jackpot : £100,000
Minimum Bet : £0.10
Maximum Bet : £10
Scratch Site : William Hill Casino
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In order to win you need to just match 3 identical symbols or the bonus symbol anywhere on the grid to win one of the 6 prizes on offer or to enter the Lost City Bonus round.

When the Bonus symbols is triggered you activate the Lost City Bonus. In this exciting round you get to pick 1 of 6 caskets in which you are guaranteed to win a cash prize. The graphics are cutting-edge as they are taken directly out of the movie itself. The icons on the scratch card include the High Priest Imhotep, Evy, Beni Gabor and Rick just to mention a few.

The combination of blockbuster movies, life-like graphics and a bonus round within a scratch card make The Mummy one hell of an online gaming adventure for everyone looking to win big and experience an unforgettable online scratch card escape.