The ultimate form of gambling is one that manages to combine a variety of passions into one action packed game. This is where online scratch cards are a cut above the rest from other forms of gambling as the scratch card developers and site operators are finely in tune with the needs and passions of what its online gamers are looking for.

For many people sports is a passion and even obsession. There are millions of football fans, motor racing fans, and the all-time favorite family pastime of bowling. The idea that online gambling can be combined with social pastimes and passions is revolutionary.

Who could ask for more than being entertained while at the same time enjoying sporting action and winning jackpots?

It is hard to believe but scratch cards have been made for all of these specific sports. For the football crazy there is World Champions which combine all the excitement and action of football into an online scratch cards game.

Road Racing is a scratchcards game packed with fast action graphics and sounds and gives you the chance to race your way to instant cash prizes of up to £100,000 while you race away. The graphics in this awesome scratchies game give you a unique look into all time classic cars of all era.

Crazy Ball is the ideal scratch card for all your bowling fans. Believe it or not this scratchies game takes place on the background of a bowling alley. This online scratch card succeeds in capturing the atmosphere and vibe of a bowling alley while maintaining the uncomplicated and user friendly scratch cards format.

For all the Athletics fans there is the 100m scratch card game that lets you compete in a athletics stadium while winning massive jackpot prizes. This clever scratchcard succeeds in giving you a sample of what it would feel like when competing at the highest level with cheering crowds in the background.

There are many similarities between sports and scratch cards. Both give you the thrill and excitement of what it feels like to be a winner and compete for high stakes. There is nothing that gets your adrenalin pumping more when you play for the ultimate stakes which can reward you with life changing instant jackpots.

There are no other online gambling formats which can compete with the scratch cards game formula which manages to capture the passion for sports at the highest level while at the same time providing us winning and lucrative entertainment.