With millions of online gamblers and scratch cards players in the world, the question is often asked is how governments can reduce the impact of illegal and unregulated online gambling sites such as scratchcards and sports betting.

The reality is that millions are having a punt on their scratchies and sports betting. The only question that remains is who is benefiting in countries where the gambling market is not regulated.

In a report in the Mail and Guardian Former president of the International Cricket Council Ehsan Mani has voiced his opinion on the current situation on the subcontinent. As we all know there are billions of scratchcards players and sports betting fans in India and Pakistan. According to Mani the cricket match between India and Pakistan on Sunday’s Asia Cup managed to attract over $500 million on one single game.

When you take these types of figures into account, you get an idea of how many billions Governments who refuse to acknowledge the reality of online sports betting and scratchcards are in fact loosing.

There are few countries in the world that do not urgently need additional sources of revenue .Scratch cards are the ideal example of how tax revenues could be diverted to fund many social needs such as health and education.

Mani believes that by not regulating online gambling like sports betting and Scratchies, the practical effect is that many billions of dollars get to illegal operators who run unregulated sports betting and scratch card sites.

Mani like many straight thinking people believe that the solution to illegal online sports betting and scratch cards sites is for the various governments to embrace the regulation and legalization issue.

In the example of sports betting the illegal operators are ruining the game and legalization is the solution .Mani was quoted as saying,” There’s no doubt that India, certainly Delhi and Mumbai, is the epicenter of cricket betting … I’m a strong advocate of legalizing betting in India and bringing it under control of regulatory authorities so that the conduct of bookies can be monitored properly,”

Whether it be sports betting or online scratch cards, the only beneficial solution for all parties involved is a regulated and legal scratchcards and online gambling market for all.