Scratch cards and lottery are a proven and trusted partnership all over the globe. It never ceases to amaze that the classic scratch-off ticket is available in every corner of the globe and crosses over any language and culture barrier. The game playing format of scratchies is just about the same anywhere you choose to play.

A good example of this is the Taiwanese Lottery Co. Ltd. (TLC). According to a report on the China Post they have just launched a new scratch ticket called “A fistful of Dollars”. This new ticket will feature some noteworthy cash prizes which include 3 top prizes of NT$3 million, 15 second prizes of NT$100,000 and over 2,405 third prizes of NT$15,000.

Like all scratch-off tickets your chances of winning are amongst the highest of any gambling option and are generally 1 in 3 to win a prize on a card. The Taiwanese Lottery launched their new “fistful of dollars” scratch card to coincide with the annual end year parties which are in full force in Taiwan at this time of the year.

Lotteries utilize scratchcards as an integral part of their game offerings due to their popularity. In order to win on this new scratch ticket all one needs to do is to match “the lucky symbols” and  you win the corresponding prize. If the “cash symbol” is revealed then the ticket holder will win all the prizes marked on the card.

Like all lotteries part of the proceeds always goes to charity which is another reason to feel good when having a flutter on a lottery game. Whether it is the U.K. or as far as Taiwan the phenomenon of scratch cards is here to stay as nothing beats a classic.