We recently reported on the National Lottery’s record breaking numbers of millionaires created. The EuroMillions Olympic Raffle Draw created no less than 100 instant millionaires.

One of those lucky winning lottery tickets belonged to a syndicate of 69 paramedics and ambulance staff from the Swansea Bay area. This deserving group consists of over five ambulance stations in the Swansea and surrounding areas. Each of thus lucky lotto winners will receive a £14.492.

The leader of the syndicate Andy Vaughan commented, “People have said that £14,492 is not a life changing sum but for those who are due to get married or are buying a car on finance, that is not true. These are hard times with the economy and some winners have been in tears finding out that life will be a little easier. There are a lot of people who are over the moon this week – morale is sky high.”

This winning syndicate started purchasing loot tickets 17 weeks ago in which each of the 69 members pay £2 a week for the Friday EuroMillions draw.

Vaughan realized that he had the syndicate had won at 6a.m. in the morning while preparing for work. He could not contain his delights and woke up his delighted wife.

Lotteries are an affordable and flexible form of gambling which is still a global hit due to the life-changing opportunities it offers. Whether you choose to purchase through a syndicate or the online lottery option, the old saying of “if you aren’t in it, you can’t win” is still true.