It is amazing to see the reach of scratch cards. Whether it is a punter in the U.K or a farmer in Africa.  For a 72 year-old famer in Mbooni County in Kenya the decision to purchase a scratch ticket paid off big. Mbole Kamuya Maliti won over Sh400,000 from the Kenya Charity Sweepstake after buying a Sh40 scratch card at his local market in Mbooni.

A delighted Maliti received his scratch card jackpot cheque from the Kenya Charity Sweepstake’s Jennifer Kilonzo. The delighted winner was quoted as saying, ”I could not believe my eyes when I saw three symbols looking alike, meaning I had won the money. I immediately called my son to verify the ticket”.

For the latest scratchcard winner the money could not come in handier as he is married with nine children. He plans on using some of the proceeds to purchase additional land and improve his farming activities.

For so many people the simple affordable scratch card gives them a real chance of changing their lives and those of their families in an instant. For Mr. Maliti the simple purchase of a ticket will undoubtedly help his family improve their future. Unlike other heavier types of gambling scratchies are considered by many as a game of light hearted fun with a great chance to win. Their social acceptance is what makes them a global pastime for millions.