It was only two days ago that we reported on the Massachusetts lottery looking to go online and expand to other social games. One of the biggest earners for all lotteries is the instant win scratchcard tickets which continue to create loads of winners. The appeal of these colorful and varied tickets lies in the fact that you can play them at your leisure without needing to wait for a lottery draw.

This is the reason why millions reach out for these scratchies when filling up at a gas station or when popping down to our corner outlet. This is exactly what happened to a 21 year old student Asif Khan from Villa Park in Chicago. He has become the latest instant millionaire after purchasing a $20 scratch ticket for the $4 million Gold Bullion game. Khan purchased the ticket when filling up gas and chose this particular scratch game because it was flashy and bold with gold.

Khan only arrived in the U.S.A in 2006 from India with the aim of making a better life for himself. He discovered his win immediately as he decided to scan his ticket at the gas station. He drove home immediately and woke his surprised mother up to share the good news.

For Khan the American Dream definitely came true and he now can afford to pay off all his tuition bills. He plans to continue studying at East-West University in Chicago and intends to become a medical doctor.

Khan was quoted as saying,” I never expected this. A majority of the money will go toward my education for a better future. If I do have some money left over, I’ll invest it and save it for (the future).”

Our regular readers already know that ordinary people like Khan win scratch card tickets on a regular basis with jackpots that change their lives just by curing that itch to catch a big fish.