NeoGames has just released Spider-Man Hero. This instant win game is their latest release of DC Comics based online casino games. Their other superhero based games include Spiderman and The Hulk slots games. This new partnership between NeoGames and DC Comics has proved a winning one as both their recently released slots Spiderman and The Hulk have proved tremendously popular.

Spiderman Hero is a 9 square online scratch card which lets you win up to £200,000. In order to start scratching and winning all you need to do is to match 3 identical symbols of the 9 available. There is also the Gamble feature which is unique for a scratch card game, With the Gamble feature you get the chance to either double your winnings or lose them all.

Spider-Man Hero can be found at one of the many NeoGames Powered online scratch card and slots sites which include, and

To begin playing this action-packed scratchie all you need is £0.50 and you can start winning. Spider-Man Hero gives you two chances in which to win. Either match 3 identical symbols or 1 Wild Symbol and you win the potential prize.

The Gamble feature adds another dimension to the game and can up the excitement. After you win the Gamble Button will be available and you get the option of gambling all your winnings. You have the opportunity to double your winnings or lose it all. In the Gamble Feature you will see 2 Spider-Man Characters which are Red and Black. Just try and predict whether the Spider-Man in the centre circle will be red or black. If you guess correctly you win.

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