There is more and more research coming out that shows that the use of smartphones is increasing drastically and in particular is being used to play social games. Online scratch cards are one of the most popular forms of social gaming and social gambling at the same time.

Although scratch cards are considered as a gambling format, their softer and welcoming features’ are making them as much of a social game as that of a gambling one.

In a report by one of the leading research companies into digital trends , comScore it was found that among the leading 5 nations in Europe over 42% of smartphone users said they played a game on their device which represents an increase of over 55% from the previous year. The largest market that used their smartphones to play a game was the UK market which reported a 52.4% of users playing a game.

What makes social games like scratch cards great to play on our chosen smartphone devices is the fact that we can play whilst doing our daily chores. Mobile scratch card games are ideal to play when waiting on the train to work or in a long cue at the bank.

The study among Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom found that due to the rapid penetration and growth of smartphones in the mobile market is driving this trend.

As ComScore analyst Hesham Al Jehani said,” As mobile games evolve from simple pre-loaded games to highly challenging and visually appealing games, their entertainment value has increased substantially. But another important – and perhaps less often reported – driver of mobile gaming is that many can be played without accessing the internet on people’s phones. This means that gaming is an easy way to fill idle time on the underground or in other locations where internet access is spotty.”

Many of us use social scratch cards gamesas the ideal combination to combine a winning format and that of classis fun games. Scratch cards engineers are constantly bringing out new games that are based on just about every aspect of our social lives.

Socially based scratchgames include tickets like Mega Love for the romantics and Cash Cuisine for the Food junkies. There are childhood memories games like such as Snakes and Ladders as well as Hollywood playing a major role too. They touch on every aspect of a winning entertaining part of our lives.

Another point of the report was that over 55% of the EU smartphone users admitted to indulging in games at least once a month which is a sizable increase from the 42% in the previous year. The UK market has the strongest gaming audience with over 52% of people saying they had played games on their smartphone devices in the last month.

We can say with certainty that more people are set to join the online scratch cards users who have chosen mobile devices as the one and only platform to take their modern day game to another level.