Wherever you look these days it is clear that social media games are a major source of revenue for the online gaming industry.

Online scratchcards are part of these social games despite being categorized by some as gambling. The simple fact that scratch cards are available from as little as 10p can only classify them as a social habit.

Questions have been raised however if people are spending too much money on these games. Free to play games are a massive hit with millions of online players on social networks like Facebook.  Most popular games on offer are free and offer you the option to buy additional games features should you wish.

Traditional online gambling formats are the luxury of a few. In contrast the scratchcard is open to all as no special knowledge or expertise is required when you enter the scratchcard arena.

Most of the software providers have adopted the free-to-play business model and research has showed that over 65% of the top apps in Apple’s Appstore are free to play in contrast to 2011 where only 39% were free.

The problem arises with what is termed super—users who spend massive amounts of money on these games.  According to a report by investment firm Macquarie the 20% of heavy spenders on popular social games like Zynga are laying out over $1,100 on their Facebook mobile games.

A great feature of all top scratchcard sites is the fact that they give you a chance to play your preferred Scratchies free until you are comfortable enough to play with real money.

These are conservative reports and there are even estimates that some players are spending tens of thousands of pounds per month on popular scratchgames.

This type of excessive spending has drawn criticism for various sectors which believe that the software developers can take a leaf out of the online gambling industry.

The online scratch card industry is well aware that scratchies devotees need to save money and offer many free sign up No Deposit Required offers which make entering the scratchcard world a pleasant and economical viable option for all.

The problem of excessive and irresponsible spending in the online gambling industry is not new. The tremendous growth of the online casino industry in the last decade has been a tremendous success.

Scratch cards have been transformed in the last decade with the introduction of “online scratch card”sites. The days of leaving the comfort and security of your house to buy a scratch card are over.

With the event of online scratchies sites and “mobile scratch card” apps the ability to scratch and win is literally at your fingertips.

In the beginning however there were problems with spending behavior with a small percentage of online gamblers. The government regulators and industry shakers were forced to find creative and effective solution to address the issue.

Online casino operators were quick to realize that it is in their long term interests to ensure that they are able to maintain a long term loyal customer base who only wager what they can afford than have a small group of massive spenders who run out of money in a short period of time.

The availability of mobile scratch card apps has made online scratchies a global phenomena. The smartphone boom has lead to all the best and latest scratch cards being directly available with no more than a touch of a button required.

The measures introduced by the gambling industry included the possibility of set fixed weekly and monthly limits which enabled online gamblers to budget and play within their means

Other measures that encouraged responsible gambling were direct intervention with problem gamblers by the gambling operators themselves .In some cases where a dangerous pattern emerged with a risky gambler, the gambling operator approached the gambler directly.

It is important to point out that recent studies have shown that gambling addiction has not risen and has stabilized. This is noteworthy as the online casino industry is in a boom period worldwide.

It is clear that the social gaming industry has much to learn from the online scratchcard industry to ensure that online players enjoy their games in a safe and responsible manner for all concerned.

Online scratchcards are the ideal example of how a social activity can be become an affordable and responsible way of entering the online gambling world.