It never ceases to amaze at how innovative both the gaming and casino developers are when it comes to thinking out of the box. Anyone in the online gambling world is well aware of the dramatic changes underway in online gambling and social gaming. The U.S. in particular has been under the spotlight for the last year ever since the Wire Act of 1961 was revised by the Justice Department.

Added to the frenzy of activity in states like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware there are countrywide proposals underway with the aim of legalizing online gambling in one form or another. Another major factor that cannot be ignored is that of the rise of mobile gaming and gambling. The difference is becoming increasingly unclear as the bottom line is mobile apps are a multi-billion dollar industry and are continuing to grow at a rapid pace.

Currently there are still major legal obstacles for most mobile gambling related to casino based games. These legal restrictions however do not apply to games of skill win which one is permitted to play for real money. Many are of the opinion that the majority of real money in mobile games lies in casino games. This theory has been given a twist with a startup company based in San Francisco called Skillz.

In a nutshell Skillz is able to monetize any social game that relies on skill and enable both players and developers to earn real money. This is now been seen by many as a possible threat to mobile casino games which currently are not defined as games of skill land are largely illegal in most states. In contrast over 36 U.S. states allow real money to be offered for games of skill. It is not too farfetched to assume that many gaming companies will now try and implement the Skillz solution in their current games without having to wait for mobile casino games to be legalized.

This fascinating startup is another in the many innovative ideas we have covered in the last few months which all offer alternatives to legally offer real money gambling. These include Betable who have already enabled both small and large social casino games to offer real money options via their gambling licenses and without the individual developer shaving too lift a finger. was another clever idea where legal online poker tournaments were offered for real prizes and not cash. Another great idea to inject life into online gambling was the use of the ever growing virtual currency Bitcoin. This is truly revolutionary as this currency does not fall under any formal banking system or jurisdiction.

Skillz and the other examples mentioned only go to prove that there is no stopping millions from engaging in online gambling. The only question is how to ensure that all sides benefit from a multi-billion dollar industry that is only set to grow in the coming years.