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It is not every day that you get the chance to become an instant millionaire on an online scratch card. Well with Playtech’s new Six Million Dollar man game this golden opportunity is yours in a top class scratchie. Only a few days ago we reviewed the Six Million Dollar Man online Slots release which is one not to miss.

Scratchies are always a popular choice as they are simple to play and appeal to a wide audience. This new one is based of course on Steve Austin from the 70’s television hit show. Visually like the slots version the scratchcard is eye-catching and gives one a taste of the television show. The attention to detail is worth noting as even the controls have that 70’s feel.

All the graphics on the 9 square scratch grid are taken from the show and include the bionic arm, leg and eye of the Six Million Dollar Man. The aim of this online scratchie is simply to match 3 symbols of the 9 available to scratch. Like we mentioned before there is a £1 million pound prize on offer with bets starting from as low as £0.20 to £100.

The Bottom line is when it comes to delivering the goods the Six Million Dollar Man Scratchcard comes through in all aspects.

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