Online gambling in the U.S. has in essence already started the process of legalization. For many online gamblers such as poker,slots and scratch card players, the chance to play and win within their own country is fast becoming an actuality. States like Delaware and Nevada are leading the way and will be the first to benefit from online poker and scratchcard revenues.

The state of Nevada is continuing to be the forerunner in promoting and implementing legalized online gambling in the U.S. They were among the first with Delaware to start granting online gaming licenses. Their latest move is to grant a license to Shuffle Master, Inc. who is a global manufacturer of slots machines, shuffling machines and other casino products.

With this latest license granted by the Nevada Gaming Commission, this is set to impact the online poker industry in a positive way. In terms of the license Shuffle Master will enter into a business-to-business partnership with land-based casino operators that will enable them to not only provide online poker games but also offer free-to-play online versions of some of their most popular titles that include Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Three Card Poker.

Understandably this is a major accomplishment and opportunity for Shuffle Master as their CEO Gavin Isaacs stated,” “We are elated to have been granted one of the initial unrestricted interactive licenses in the United States. This license reinforces Shuffle Master’s commitment to the online space and helps pave the way towards our goal of becoming a leading supplier of online and mobile casino gaming products. We believe the potential for online gaming is tremendous and we are very excited to have this opportunity to capitalize on the innovation, proprietary brands and experience we are known for in brick-and-mortar casinos and leverage them to service our customers’ interactive needs.”

Shuffle Master intends to develop its own online content platform which it will use to power their table games for real-money gambling in markets where it is legal to do so. They are also at the same time preparing to offer their casino based games on a free-to-play basis for mobile devices and on social networks like Facebook.

It seems strange that it took so long for authorities to realize that millions have been playing online poker and scratch cards with offshore companies, while this money could have been diverted to legal U.S. based companies.