Like many other places on the globe scratchies are one of the most popular purchases among consumers whether it is at a news agency or at our local corner store. Many of us literally grab for scratchies by instinct when we checkout at the teller. For a lucky Mount Gambier family from Australia this is exactly what they did when they purchased a ticket at their local Mount Gambier Marketplace news agency.

What makes this story even more remarkable is the fact that the lucky winner as well as the store owner Mr. Smith initially thought the ticket was only worth $20,000. However the winner after arriving at the Lotteries head office in Adelaide he was surprised to discover that he had won a massive $200,000 which was ten times the amount initially thought.

The winner is reportedly a local resident who also has a young family. This $200,000 scratchie is the largest jackpot prize win for this calendar year according to the Lotteries SA website.

With the simple scratch ticket now available online and via our mobile devices, jackpot wins are just a touch away. With all the gaming options out there it always comes down to the classic scratchcard choice which is always available with an affordable price tag.