Over the past few years there have been multiple research and studies regarding the effect of long term cell phone use .The risks include brain tumors and other serious health problems. Although there is no definitive scientific evidence to prove this it has been strongly advised that children should be particularly cautious as their skulls are thinner than adults.

Cell phones are banned in many places such as gas stations and hospitals for health and security issues.Questions are now been raised regarding the use of smartphones and cell phones in casinos. Well !!! Why not use your phone as a casino and Play Scratch cards and then there would not be a problem at all .I think I am a little Biased though on the Scratch Cards subject to be saying that : ). Maybe it just we haven’t advanced to the option of Mobile online Gaming, Mobile Scratch cards and Slots Games.

Most casinos ban the use of cell phones when playing near a blackjack table or other gaming tables .There are several reasons which include it is considered bad manners to talk on the phone when gambling. Playing Mobile Scratch cards whilst talking on the phone might be considered rude . Whats rude is sitting in the bathroom whilst doing it. Welcome to the new era of Mobile Scratch Card and other forms of gambling on the go so to speak.

The main reason for cell phones and other electronic devices been banned is that they could be used for charting purposes. This is the main reason why no casino will allow these devices near the gaming tables. However some casinos are thinking of ways to allow their users to remain online with their smartphones. There are creative solutions been developed such as allowing the players to use their smartphones and cell phones in designated areas. This approach seems to be the most productive for the casino as well as the online players as scratching scratch cards online and playing our favorite casino games on our smartphones has become an integral part of most of our daily lives.

The ever growing trend of online mobile technology through our iphone,Android and Windows 7 Based mobile OS is making it essential for casinos to accolade their clients, otherwise potential players will simply move over to the online gaming options in order to experience their favorite past times such as scratch cards and online slots.