As anyone familiar with the Scratchcard industry knows, the hottest topic is the  the seemingly opening up of the U.S. to Online scratch cards.

There are daily reports of many U.S. states looking to the likes of scratchcards and other instant win lottery type games to generate additional sources of revenue in the difficult economic environment. Politicians realize that online scratch cards are an ideal alternative to raise revenue instead of raising taxes.

The social impact of scratch cards is also a positive factor to consider as they are available to all walks of life and it enables social gamblers the chance to invest in a scratchies  games from as little as 10c.

This along with scratch card sites offering No Deposit free bonuses enable potential players to budget and gamble responsibly.

There is great news coming out of Utah in the U.S.Utah Rep. Stephen Sandstrom recently introduced the H.B. 108 Internet Gambling bill which was intended to prevent online gambling in the state of Utah if and when the U.S. congress legalize online casino gambling.

Sandstrom is a considered a Reagan conservative and has long been against online gambling legalization.  He stated,” We want to keep Utah free from the negative impacts of legalized gambling. Without courageous leadership to block Internet gaming, Utah could see Indian casinos popping up statewide in just a few years.”

Responsible gambling is a key concern for any possible legalization and scratchcards are ideally suited for this purpose. The bill was aimed at blocking all forms of gambling including handheld devices. It would have also prohibited any Indian casinos from entering the Utah gambling market.

It is important to note that Utah is the only one of two states in the U.S. who have an outright ban on any form of gambling. The other state is Hawaii which has already stated its intentions to seriously consider the possibility of pursuing online gambling legalization.

Luckily for all of us scratchcard players, cooler heads prevailed and the bill was shelved by the state House Law Enforcement Committee. The committee is set to research the possible ramifications of such a bill and the potential economic impact it could have before passing any proposed legislation.

All scratch game site operators enable their potential scratchies players to familiarize themselves with the various free scratch cards and free slots  before laying out any real cash.

Sandstrom managed to voice his concerns but the overwhelming feeling of the committee members was that all the relevant considerations had to be taken into account before any possible progress could be made with Sandstrom’s proposed bill.

Sandstrom was in a defiant mood upon hearing the decision and hinted that he would work to resubmit his proposed measure as soon as possible.

Scratch card sites offering No Deposit free bonuses enable potential players to budget and gamble responsibly so why should a lottery type game which is already sold at every corner store not be allowed online.

There is hope though that all this illogical behavior will end soon. Allowing certain states to prevent their citizens the basic constitutional right of The freedom to choose is ludicrous.

The Wire Act changes are at a point of no return and scratch cards are there for the good of society. The sooner the authorities act the sooner they can start bridging a big social gap and be used to charitable purposes.

We firmly believe that all this can be regulated and online scratchcard operators would welcome the opportunity to devote a certain percentage of income to worthy causes of their choice in addition to the Tax Paid.

The governments in the UK have already realized this and all throughout Europe and the UK the effects have been seen. More and more National Lottery scratchcards money has been invested in the good of society. We have been reporting lately on this regularly in the news.

The governments should not waste time and the sooner US, UK and European scratch cards communities merge the better off we as a society will be by helping aid those that don’t have.