For all the online scratch card players it is not surprising that the once considered simple format is anything but. Today all the scratch cards sites designers have managed to transform this one dimensional scratchgames format into one of the most versatile and adaptable gambling formats on the market today.

The graphics and sounds in most modern scratchcards are amongst the best in the industry. Although the format is still easy and user friendly to all, the themes and ideas behind modern day scratch cards are varied and captivating.

It is hard to believe but there are scratch cards which can take you on journeys through ancient cultures .The idea of being provided with winning instant cash prizes while being informed and educated about long lost and mysterious cultures is appealing.

There are scratchcards like Sampo and the Lost Maya which are outstanding examples of how informative and riveting a scratchcard game can be.

Sampo is an online scratch card that is based on Finish mythology. Sampo was a magical artifact which was believed to bring luck to its holder. This original and informative game takes you into a world of mythology which we would never be exposed to. In this scratchcard there are 4 ancient symbols which include the heart,7 symbol, four leaved clover and the Horse Shoe.

This ground-breaking scratch card game provides you 2 games in one which doubles your chance of winning the £100,000 Grand Jackpot Prize.

The instant win scratch game “The Lost Maya” features some of the most eye popping graphics you will come across. The attention to detail in this is phenomenal. Based on the fascinating and mysterious Mayan culture, this scratchgame has original and authentic works of art in every facet of the game. As soon as you enter this enchanting instant win scratchies game you are exposed to authentic Mayan wall art which is present from the floor and continues throughout the walls.

The Lost Maya transports you back in time where you get to peek into a lost Culture. It is hard to think of any other gambling format other than “scratch cards” that on the one hand has sophisticated and informative themes while making it easy to play on the other. This scratchie lets you share in this ultimate gaming experience from as little as 10p. Like all most online scratch cards the jackpot prize on offer is £100,000.

It is no surprise that with all the sophisticated and informative scratch cards being released that they are becoming the online gambling choice of millions. The combination of intriguing games and winning big bucks is irresistible to all of us.