The Daily Mail recently reported a story which is straight out of a Friday the 13th legend. This unique story relates to Online Scratch cards  and Online slots machines in the way that gambling is a recreational pastime and can also be a profitable one for the extremely lucky people that have it in their blood. Ever met a person like this? I certainly can say from past Poker playing and scratch cards there are certain people that are just always lucky.

Leonard Collacot was a well-known gambler who passed away on at the age of 83. His particular preference was horses. In a tribute to him five of his close family members decided to place bets on horses on the funeral day.

Believe it or not, not one but all of the five bets won! This even included an outsider with odds of 25-1 which appropriately was called Divine Rule. Leonard Collacot like many of us enjoy the fun and excitement of playing scratch cards or placing bets on horses. There is nothing like the feeling of scratching and winning instant cash prizes. There is no need to lay out loads of cash to play online scratch cards or slots machines as betting starts as low as 10p and have instant jackpot prizes of over £100,000.

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Leonard Collacot’s family winnings were modest yet with the £400 they bought champagne to toast their guardian angel that undoubtedly had a hand in the unbelievable winning streak. To add to the mystery his granddaughter Laura Collacott stated that none of the family are gamblers and the horses were chosen purely by their names alone.

Leonard Collacot was an avid gambler who made daily trips to BetFred  in the High Street despite suffering from ill health. Even when he was hospitalized he made sure to dispatch family members to bet on his behalf.

His daughter Laura stated, ‘When he died at the end of December, we felt it fitting on the day of his funeral for the cortege to proceed past BetFred, his favorite bookies. ‘Even the local vicar in his address remarked on his fondness for a bet.’

We can only marvel at this story as there is no doubt that gambling is part of the daily routine of millions of people worldwide. When done responsibly and proportionately it is a fun and exciting experience for all.

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