The year 2012 is seen as the year which online scratch cards and online poker will reach the U.S. The worldwide scratchcard market is set to grow exponentially should cooler heads prevail. The issue of legalized gambling like Scratchies is key in 2012 as it is election year in the U.S.

With the economic crisis hitting the U.S. hard many politicians have to find alternative methods like scratch cards to bolster their economies.

The race is on in the U.S. to join the race to get a part of the online gambling pie. Many states are eager to pass legislation that would enable them to legalize online gambling. All these developments come in light of the much reported new legal stance of the U.S. Justice department of the Wire Act of 1961 which up till now prevented legalized online gambling.

Until now the prospects for U.S. scratch cards devotees were not good, but with the current changes it seems inevitable that scratchcard games will become the pleasure of all.

One of the key states which are moving aggressively ahead with proposed legislation to legalize gambling is California. Currently Californians spend over $13 billion a year on online poker sites alone and figures have been thrown around that at least 2 million state residents choose to gamble online.

Senator Rod Wright summed up the choice that California faces,” The highway is littered with roadkill of people who tried to stop technology. So you will either get in the game and play or what’ll happen is you’ll just get mauled over,”

Online scratch cards are unique in that politicians as well as potential site operators do not need to invest millions in marketing campaigns. Scratchies enjoy global recognition and bring with it familiarity and popularity that only the timeless scratchcard can do.

Supporters of online gambling are now proposing that the state should grant licenses for 10 years of which 2 years would be for online poker exclusively. Thereafter other forms of gambling such as scratch cards and slots games could possibly follow suit.

Like most U.S. States, their financial coffers are in desperate need of tax revenues from the likes of scratch cards and online poker. Supporters of legalizing gambling in California are keen to point out that the reality is that millions of tax dollars are going to states where gambling is legal like Nevada. By legalizing online gambling in California this could enable the state to keep cash dollars within and use the funds more state projects.

Opponents wary of Legalizing online gambling are concerned about the negative effects sometimes associated with gambling which include addiction and crime. Supporters of the bill have however pointed out that gambling is already a reality as people are already engaged in gambling.

Scratch cards are a great example of how online gambling can also be softer than other types of gambling. More importantly online scratchies do not bring with them problems that heavier gambling types sometimes do.

As Andrew Governar of the Online Poker Association stated,” Right now millions of Californians are playing online poker and every dollar goes off-shore. We want to make sure that money stays in California.”

Presently all online poker sites are based outside of the U.S. and are thus able to get around the internet gambling restrictions. With all the changes afoot in the U.S. market it is widely recognized that the federal government will legalize gambling within states.

With online and mobile scratch card games and apps, the ability to scratch and win from the comfort of your home or the touching a few buttons on you Mobile smartphone, make the scratch cards format a winning and profitable enterprise for all.